International Deep-Drawing Research Group
Annual Conference
June 1-3, 2009
Golden, Colorado


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Social Program

Sunday afternoon/evening (May 31):  On campus registration and welcome reception.

Monday evening (June 1):  Cocktail party overlooking scenic Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado.

Tuesday evening (June 2):  Conference banquet at Mount Vernon Country Club, which provides spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.  Dinner will include buffalo and other game dishes that are indigenous to the region.  Vegetarian meals and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.  American cowboy entertainment will be provided.

Transportation to the banquet will be though a 20 km scenic canyon where gold was mined in during the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859.  The ride to the banquet will also provide an opportunity to see Denver's buffalo herd.

View of Mount Vernon Country Club at night.
Mount Vernon Country Club


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