International Deep-Drawing Research Group
Annual Conference
June 1-3, 2009
Golden, Colorado


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Conference Topics

While all topics normally covered at IDDRG Conferences will be included, the theme of the Conference is "Material Property Data for More Effective Numerical Analysis." As numerical analysis becomes increasingly dominant for formability studies, there is an unmet need for material property data to support such analyses. It is hoped that the papers and technical discussions at the Conference will provide lively exchanges between engineers and researchers developing constitutive equations, testing to determine needed material properties, and conducting the numerical analysis.

Theme Topics

  • Test methods to determine properties for all aspects of constitutive equations
  • Fitting experimental data to constitutive equations
  • New constitutive equations supported by experimental data
  • Failure criteria supported by experimental evidence
  • Nature of and failure of sheared edges
  • Testing of die materials including coatings with respect to friction and die wear

Conference topics include all aspects of sheet metal forming and related material properties normally covered at IDDRG conferences

Other Conference Topics

  • Forming characteristics of new materials
  • Innovative or improved forming processes
  • Numerical modeling, simulation and optimum design
  • Robust stamping processes
  • Rapid prototyping


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